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Drazenka Kimpel’s CG Paintings

CG Paintings

[img src=]50Sentinel
[img src=]90Rose Petals
[img src=]390Admiration
[img src=]920The Thief
[img src=]1100Locked In a Cell
2013 - commission for FFG, Game Of Thrones - The Iron Throne chapter
[img src=]1100Watermill
[img src=]1140Secret Garden
[img src=]1460A Night For Enchantment
[img src=]1180Three Winged Goddess - Advanced
[img src=]1120Three Winged Goddess
[img src=]1040Gandalf's Delay
2013 - commission for FFG, Lord Of The Rings - Black Riders chapter
[img src=]1090Ellaria Sand
2013 - commission for FFG Game of Thrones - A Turn of Seasons chapter
[img src=]1090Princess Of Undersea - Regular
[img src=]1150Princess Of Undersea - Advanced
[img src=]1070Indigo
[img src=]1110Vintage Hat
[img src=]1370Crescent Moon
[img src=]1090Flora
[img src=]1140Lady Of The Camellias
[img src=]1120Pea Soup
[img src=]950Piper's Lullaby
[img src=]1110Silent Whispers
Gothic style exterior scene at dusk, with three women at the graveyard
[img src=]1200Temptation Of Eve
[img src=]970Tainted Jewel
[img src=]1150Purple Orchid
[img src=]1080The Way Of Vice
[img src=]1030Luna
[img src=]1010Mirrors Of Twillight
[img src=]980Monarch
[img src=]970Nocturne
[img src=]1330While She Was Waiting
[img src=]1060Impetuous Arrival
[img src=]1120Sanctuary
[img src=]1220Capture
2012 - Illustration created for Digital Artist magazine - Dark Fantasy feature
[img src=]1200Princess Of Argos - Regular
[img src=]1030Princess Of Argos - Advanced
[img src=]1350Reverence
2012 - 3 piece gothic commission
[img src=]1540Portal
2012 - Night scene with Gothic-fantasy theme.
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